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Village and surroundings

There is plenty to do and see in the village of Mathildedal. In addition to the historic surroundings, the village has cafés and eateries serving local food, a chocolate shop, a village brewery, local artisan shops, a flea market, an alpaca farm, a harbour area, a village bakery, a manor house and free historical exhibitions and museums. For the activity seeker, the village has an outdoor gym, beach volleyball, tennis and padel courts, and an Adventure Golf course for all ages. For those who enjoy fishing, fishing guides and equipment hire are available. Guided tours of the area's forests during the autumn season offer mushroom and berry picking. 


For those who enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, head for the picturesque Teijo National Park, which offers a variety of hiking and cycling trails and the opportunity to admire the scenery from the lake in the middle of the park, for example on a SUP board. Nearby, 5 km away, you will find a golf course and a skiing centre. Mathildedal is a great holiday destination for all seasons!

Top 5+1 attractions

Teijo National Park 

The Teijon National Park is one of the most unique in the world. There are no less than 50km of hiking and cycling trails of varying levels of difficulty. You can rent kayaks, canoes, SUP-boats, rowing boats, bikes and mountain bikes from the nature centre. Fatbike mountain bikes are also available for hire even in winter, as this national park is at its best all year round. In summer you can go for a swim along the trail, in late summer the forest is rich in mushrooms and berries, and well into autumn, when you can also admire the colours of the quiet forest. In winter, you can stop off at the huts to enjoy the warmth of a campfire or even a barbecue.

Mathildedal Village Brewery, Beer Shop and Brewery Tour  

At Mathildedal's own village brewery, you can experience the authentic flavours of a wide range of beers and experience the authentic brewery atmosphere. The brewery's Beer Shop's selection varies according to the season, and in addition to the brewery's own products, the shop offers other local beverages such as Lepola and Hallonmäentila ciders. The village brewery also organises popular tours for groups, where you can get an insight into how the brewery works and hear stories about its history.

Village restaurant Terho

The heart and living room of the village, the much-publicised village restaurant Terho is definitely worth experiencing. People come from far and wide to enjoy Terho's famous pizzas baked in a stone oven. You can sit down and enjoy a cool beer from the village brewery or a cup of Terho's own freshly roasted coffee. In summer, the courtyard terrace offers unique musical experiences with intimate live concerts by some of the country's most popular artists.

Mathildedal Central Park  

Mathildedal Central Park features two sand-court tennis courts with Edel Advantage Red Court, completed in 2020, a padel court and an Adventure Golf course for all ages. Between the games, you can sit on the café terrace for refreshing drinks and ice cream, and enjoy a visiting street food truck.

Teijo Ski & Action Park  

Less than 4km away is the versatile Teijo Ski & Action Park. In winter, the park offers excellent slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding and trails for cross-country skiers. You can dine at the Skihaus Bistro or enjoy your own snacks at the lodge. Beginners can rent equipment and book a lesson with a ski or snowboard instructor. The park is also open during the summer, when you can try mountain biking or enter the exciting world of paintball.

Meri-Teijo Golf  

Close to the Ski & Action Park, about a kilometre away, is the beautiful 18-hole Meri-Teijo Golf course.

More about the Mathildedal area:

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